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Research Assistantships

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  • Camille Ampey, smiling

    Superstar Research Assistant

    Camille Ampey really knows what it's like to be an undergraduate research assistant. She spent the summer of 2019 conducting research for four different Sanford entities.


    She traveled to courthouses in the area to do public records research for professor Beth Gifford. She created an interactive map of historically black colleges for professor Deondra Rose. She also collected data for professor Sarah Komisarow, and worked on anti-bias research for Sanford's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.


    Ampey says she especially liked being able to work closely with faculty members, building connections with them and finding out more about the wide variety of research that is happening at Sanford.

The Eads Family Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund provides funding to encourage undergraduate public policy majors to become involved in faculty research projects

(Juniors or sophomores might have an opportunity to build on the experience by choosing to write an honors thesis.) Please apply directly to the person listed in the position description, providing a resume and explanation of your interest in the position.

 2019 Fall Projects

Barriers to WIC participation
Reports to: Carolyn Barnes
Apply to: cb120@duke.edu

Students will complete interviews with WIC participants and staff members and will also work with a team of researchers to conduct qualitative data analysis. 

Economic Sanctions: Criteria for Policy Effectiveness
Reports to: Bruce Jentleson
Apply to: bwj7@duke.edu

I am writing a book on economic sanctions. It includes historical as well as contemporary cases and engages both scholarly and policy debates. The RA position entails literature review, data gathering, and policy analysis. The commitment is for the full academic year, with second semester supervised remotely while I am overseas on sabbatical.

On Guard for Peace and Socialism: The Warsaw Pact, 1955-1991
Reports to: Simon Miles
Apply to: simon.miles@duke.edu

I am seeking research assistants to help me prepare a book on the Warsaw Pact in Cold War history. I am chiefly hoping to work with students who have foreign-language skills that would lend themselves to this subject, e.g. Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech/Slovak, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, or Russian. Depending on students' interests and language abilities, work would focus on conducting research in archival and/or published materials.

Assessing Differences in Environment-and-Development Trends
Reports to: Alex Pfaff
Apply to: alex.pfaff@duke.edu

IPBES (sister to IPCC) just released its initial Global Assessment, for which I was a Coordinating Lead Author. Richer and poorer countries appear to have had quite different trends in not only development but also environment/resources. We speculated about their differences in development payoffs from environment/resource use as well -- and now folks at the World Bank, who have been assembling the best related data, are making it available for assessing those trends and speculations together. The student will download, organize and analyze data & contribute to our thinking and our conclusions.