Several women, arms around each other
Several of the members of the 2023 Child Policy Research Certificate Program cohort.

Sponsored by the Center for Child and Family Policy, the Child Policy Research Certificate Program builds students’ knowledge of child and family issues, while also providing the necessary academic tools for students to engage in research that informs policy and practice.

Drawing on child and family-related courses taught in other departments, including Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, Economics, and Education, the certificate offers an interdisciplinary look at the issues shaping today’s children and adolescents.

Health Policy Certificate

Headshot of Nathan A. Boucher
Professor Nathan Boucher directs the program

Health policy works at the intersection of how health care is delivered to consumers and communities, and its effect on the economy, society, governments, and the private sector. Duke undergraduates in this certificate program, co-sponsored by The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, will have the opportunity to study health policy in a powerful and structured way.

The program educate students in evidence-based health policy analysis, development, and implementation so they are prepared to address complex challenges in health and health care at local, state, national, and global levels.

Policy Journalism and Media Studies Certificate Now a Minor

As of fall semester 2023, Journalism & Media is now a minor at Duke. The Journalism & Media minor replaces the Policy Journalism & Media Studies certificate, which the DeWitt Wallace Center has been offering for the past 20 years. The Journalism & Media minor serves students aspiring to become journalists, as well as those seeking to pursue other private and public sector media-related careers.

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