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Selecting Courses

Selecting Courses

Tips for Planning

Once you decide to become a public policy major, here are tips for planning your course selections:

  • The earlier you complete your core courses the more you will get out of the electives. You’ll have a broader set of skills to apply in your studies.
  • Try to take PPS 155D during your first three semesters at Duke. The course is a prerequisite for PPS 301, PPS 302 and PPS 303 so this will allow you to take those courses earlier in your Duke career.
    Most students are unable to enroll until their sophomore year, unless they have an early enrollment window. No fear! Some students have enrolled in this course as late as first semester of junior year and have been able to fit in all their major requirements to graduate on time!
  • In order to do your internship class, you must first take: PPS 155D, 301, 302, 303, and Stats 101. Be sure to take these by the end of your junior year so you can do the internship between your junior and senior year. If you have not taken all these classes by then you will have to do the internship in the senior year.
  • You must also take PPS 304, but this course does not have to be completed before the internship.
  • Students are encouraged to do an honors project, either through the honors seminar or the independent study track. For students considering an empirical honors project, classes such as Stats 101 (or Stats 103, for those headed for econometrics), a course in data analysis (such as Stats 121, Data Analysis for Undergraduate Research, or Economics 139, Introduction to Econometrics), and a research seminar may be good preparation.
  •  Students who get the most out of the public policy major often select courses that cluster around a particular policy area. Learn about Pathways in Public Policy.

Talk to PPS Faculty Advisors

The following professors serve as Public Policy undergraduate advisors. Go to their web pages to learn about their research interests. **Please note, professors on leave are not available to serve as advisors.**

Elizabeth Ananat (On leave 2014-15)

Sarah Bermeo (On leave Fall 2014)

Alma Blount

Hal Brands

Tony Brown

Nicholas Carnes

Evan Charney

Charles Clotfelter

Robert Conrad

Philip Cook (On leave 2014-15)

William A. Darity Jr.

Kenneth Dodge

Elizabeth Frankenberg

Anna Gassman-Pines

Christina Gibson-Davis

Kristin Goss

Amar Hamoudi

Bruce Jentleson

Marc Jeuland

Tana Johnson (On leave 2014-15)

Judith Kelley

Robert Korstad

Anirudh Krishna

Corinne Krupp

Helen Ladd

Frederick "Fritz" Mayer

M. Giovanna Merli (On leave 2014-15)

Manoj Mohanan (On leave Fall 2014)

Candice Odgers (On leave Fall 2014)

Subhrendu Pattanayak (On leave 2014-15)

Jay A. Pearson

Gunther Peck

Alexander Pfaff

Billy Pizer

Ken S. Rogerson

Donald Taylor

Kathryn Whetten