Radical Hope

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Gaby Battle

2023 Duke Sanford undergraduate speaker Gaby Battle described life at Sanford perfectly in her remarks. She said: "There is something indescribable about the energy and excitement that runs through the classrooms in Sanford and Rubenstein Hall.  The best words I can use to describe such a term is a feeling of radical hope." 

We wholeheartedly agree. Sanford is a place where radical hope has taken root. You can feel that hope - in conversations in the hallway. In the classrooms. At events. 

Our community is out to change the world.


Master of International Development Policy

PhD Program

Master of Public Policy

International Master of Environmental Policy

Master of National Security Policy

We prioritize you

At Duke Sanford we care about you. We invest in wellness initiatives, and we offer numerous clubs and groups and activities. There is always something exciting to do, and you will make close friends in our small cohort.


Community Wellness

Student Wellness Coordinator Mackenzie Phillips is on hand to help. She plans wellness events like this hike in the woods close to the Sanford building. She also is available for one-on-one counseling for MPP and MIDP Students. Also, Sanford is right across the street from Duke's beautiful Student Wellness Center, which offers many services.

More about our Wellness Coordinator

Community is Transformative

Mona Zahir MPP ’23 found the community she was looking for. "The people at Sanford and the relationships I have made have been transformative," she says. "Having friends to support and uplift me during a global pandemic has made me feel empowered and optimistic." - Mona Zahir MPP ’23

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