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Today, the Sanford community came together in a discussion of the events in Charlottesville this past weekend. The hateful imagery, the physical injuries, the traumatic experiences, and the tragic loss of life have left many of us struggling for comprehension, and have highlighted the bigotry and prejudice that continue to exist in our society. This is an existence that some in our community have long been aware of, while others are just now coming to terms with its reality.

We at Sanford unequivocally condemn the ideologies of hatred, intolerance, and white supremacy that were laid bare before the world this weekend. We affirm that this school is stronger as a place for people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and identities, and commit ourselves to the pursuits of diversity and inclusivity. We also acknowledge that announcements like this are but a token display of our determination, and that as an educational institution we must be part of specific and ongoing efforts to combat intolerance and hatred. We hope that you all will stand with us going forward as we work to make Sanford a place where tolerance, acceptance, respect, and diversity flourish.

Kelly Brownell, Dean

Judith Kelley, Senior Associate Dean