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The Amazon has been called the lungs of the planet.

Its dense jungles play a key role in absorbing the Earth’s greenhouse gases, but the forest is disappearing quickly. In this episode: research from Colombia, Africa and China illustrates how economics can help slow deforestation and combat the climate crisis.

This is the first episode of the Ways & Means podcast series Climate Change Solutions.

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Thank you

Jack Maples, Robert Thompson and Mitch Moste for voicing translations.

Duke student Joy Liu designed the artwork for the season.



Duke Climate Commitment

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. This collaboration reflects the Duke Climate Commitmentwhich unites the university’s education, research, operations, and public service missions to address the climate crisis. The commitment builds on Duke’s longstanding leadership in climate, energy, and sustainability to educate a new generation of climate-fluent innovators and create equitable solutions for all. 

Kickoff Event Sept. 29, 2022

About Our Host

The Ways & Means host this season is journalist Simran Sethi. Designated one of the top eight women saving the planet by Marie Claire, Sethi has written for outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and The Guardian. She is the author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love, which was named one of the best food books of 2016 by Smithsonian. She has served as host of NPR’s podcast Life Kit and is the creator of the podcast The Slow Melt.

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About Ways & Means

Ways & Means is an award-winning documentary podcast produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Each season is hosted by a journalist. The season 6 series Arc of Justice, won a national award from the Association of Black journalists, a Gracie and a national CASE Award. It was turned into a four-part radio series in partnership with North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC and was distributed nationally to public radio stations by American Public Media. 

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