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Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni, Eugene C. Patterson Professor of the Practice of Journalism and Public Policy, best-selling author, and celebrated New York Times columnist, has built a career that spans the political, cultural and culinary topics of our day. In his latest book, "The Age of Grievance", Bruni examines the origins of our current discontent in an age defined by acrimony and angst. The Age of Grievance is currently #6 on the New York Times bestseller list. 


From bestselling author and longtime New York Times columnist Frank Bruni comes a lucid, powerful examination of the ways in which grievance has come to define our current culture and politics, on both the right and left.

The twists and turns of American politics are unpredictable, but the tone is a troubling given. It’s one of grievance. More and more Americans are convinced that they’re losing because somebody else is winning. More and more tally their slights, measure their misfortune, and assign particular people responsibility for it. The blame game has become the country’s most popular sport and victimhood its most fashionable garb.

Book Cover for Age of Grievance

Grievance needn’t be bad. It has done enormous good. The United States is a nation born of grievance, and across the nearly two hundred and fifty years of our existence as a country, grievance has been the engine of morally urgent change. But what happens when all sorts of grievances—the greater ones, the lesser ones, the authentic, the invented—are jumbled together? When people take their grievances to lengths that they didn’t before? A violent mob storms the US Capitol, rejecting the results of a presidential election. Conspiracy theories flourish. Fox News knowingly peddles lies in the service of profit. College students chase away speakers, and college administrators dismiss instructors for dissenting from progressive orthodoxy. Benign words are branded hurtful; benign gestures are deemed hostile. And there’s a potentially devastating erosion of the civility, common ground, and compromise necessary for our democracy to survive.

How did we get here? What does it say about us, and where does it leave us? The Age of Grievance examines these critical questions and charts a path forward.

Listen to Bruni's narration of the book's introduction here: 

Stream THE AGE OF GRIEVANCE Audiobook Excerpt - Chapter 1 from Simon & Schuster Audio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Buy the book here:

The Age of Grievance | Book by Frank Bruni | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster (



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