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This week, the Immigration and Customs Administration (ICE) released a message regarding international student visas for the fall pertaining to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs who have an F-1 visa.

Yesterday, president Price responded with this message.

Duke has reached out to all current and incoming international undergraduate students and all current graduate and professional students with this update.

The Sanford School is determined to advocate for our international community, as well. All of our academic programs and program directors are mobilized to help students in any way possible. We are committed to all of our international students.

We expect international students will have many questions, and we will do our best to provide answers and further information as we get more information ourselves. Most importantly, we assess that Sanford's mix of hybrid, in-person, and online classes will offer enough options for our international students who are in the United States with visas to meet the requirements for in-person instruction. For the incoming international students who are unable to obtain a visa, we are investing especially in the online instruction of their introductory courses so that they can begin their journey with us online this Fall. 

We are looking forward to engaging ALL of our students in the next phase of their learning this Fall and to continue, undeterred, with our mission to educate the next generation of policy leaders.

Dean Judith Kelley