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"That's kind of a foundational question of democracy - how, with a sprawling public that has a lot of different issues and people who assign different importance to different issues, how do you get people to a place where everybody has the same facts, everyone is operating with the same types of policy understanding? How do we get to a place where people are having meaningful debate?

I feel that it is important, as somebody who works a lot in the criminal justice and healthcare space, that I am, through all the work that I do, empowering people who are most affected by the issues that I work on to be good advocates for themselves.

That's a much stronger case for everybody; having a face for the problem and the power of narrative are important in bringing people into the conversation and making that issue important enough so that people focus on those policy debates."

- Rachel Rubin from Fresno, California (PPS'19)

#HumansofDukeSanford is a weekly series highlighting members of the Sanford community.