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#HumansofDukeSanford is a weekly series highlighting members of the Sanford community.

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“I come from India. I’m an officer of commute in Indian government service. And I have been dealing with taxes for the past 18 years. I’ve handled a lot of assignments in the past. Law in our country is very different. I was part of this tax enforcement project (explained the process of managing people’s tax profiles, but asked that this part was not publicized). It’s a long-drawn process. It requires very intensive work. It’s a very secretive mission.

Once, I was in charge of 13 districts in the Western area and we conducted a very good operation there. We made a very good impact because never in the past for 3 or 4 decades, there had been any action, so people weren’t paying tax seriously. We actually searched those people. And it was a very good experience because till date, I was the only lady that was assigned to work in that area. I felt very good managing a large population. Sometimes we had to face the public; there was a mob that was gathered and we were intimated but it went smoothly in the end. We were appreciated by our seniors and officers.

I was just looking for an opportunity where I can get an overall global perspective and exposure to what I have been doing all these years. So public policy will give me a holistic perspective of things. Essentially I’m looking to learn about taxation policies in an international perspective – how other countries go about it, the comparison. I will also be learning about the U.S. federal taxation law. So everything will give me a very broad perspective and it will add to my experience and work. I think it’s going to be a very wonderful input and look forward to my stay of 1 year here. I look forward to a lot of takeaways from here.”

Naina Soin Kapil, MIDP’18