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In this episode of Ways & Means, we explore the impacts of meat production.

Can we find a better way to raise animals as food and help the planet at the same time?

This is the third in our series Climate Change Solutions, a look at surprising answers to the question of what we can do to help cool a rapidly heating planet.

Featured Audio

Greener Pastures: The search for climate-friendly ways to raise animals.


  • Cameron Oglesby, journalist and Duke Sanford School of Public Policy Master of Public Policy student
  • Johnny Rogers, North Carolina farmer
  • Jennifer Curtis, Firsthand Foods
  • Lee Miller and Michelle Nowlin, Duke’s Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
  • A-dae Romero-Briones, Native Agriculture and Food Systems program at First Nations Development Institute


Thank you

Duke student Joy Liu designed the artwork for the season.

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. Find out more about the Duke Climate Commitment.



Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. This collaboration reflects the Duke Climate Commitmentwhich unites the university’s education, research, operations, and public service missions to address the climate crisis. The commitment builds on Duke’s longstanding leadership in climate, energy, and sustainability to educate a new generation of climate-fluent innovators and create equitable solutions for all

More about the Duke Climate Commitment

About Ways & Means

Ways & Means is an award-winning documentary podcast produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Each season is hosted by a journalist. The season 6 series Arc of Justice, won a national award from the Association of Black journalists, a Gracie and a national CASE Award. It was turned into a four-part radio series in partnership with North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC and was distributed nationally to public radio stations by American Public Media. 

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