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Good Reason Resources

After attending Good Reason, what can you do? Every action matters, and every action is a step to make a better world. The Sanford School of Public Policy is here for you. Our mission is to improve lives and communities by researching the most pressing public policy issues and preparing students for lives of leadership, civic engagement and public service.

Next Steps to Learn More about Public Policy at Duke University


You are already on a magnificent journey at Duke toward your purpose with a truly transformative liberal arts education that challenges you on multiple dimensions of humanity and citizenship. Hone your own sense of purpose as you consider what it means to work for the public good, what it takes to sustain yourself in the process, and how to imagine creative, boundary-breaking work in the public sector.

  1. Meet Public Policy faculty January 19 via open office hours 4-5 pm EST on Zoom.
  2. Visit Sanford’s Undergraduate Welcome webpage to meet the director, hear from a student, and learn more about the program.
  3. Watch the video: What is Public Policy?

  4. Consider majoring in public policy or taking a public policy core courseContact the undergraduate program coordinator if you have any other questions or want more information about the major.
  5. Contact or join the Public Policy Majors Union (PPMU), the student-led organization representing undergraduates at the Sanford School. PPMU engages students in the life of the Sanford School and provides opportunities to learn and network outside the classroom.


Sanford offers podcasts, events, videos and a variety of channels to share info about public policy.

  1. Attend the virtual ‘Stand for’ Series this spring, featuring speakers on equality, racial justice and corporate social responsibility. The series is produced and presented honor of our school’s founder Terry Sanford, former president of Duke and former governor of N.C.   
  2. Connect with centers and programs, including the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Polis, Hart Leadership Program, Duke Cyber, and many more. They offer events and projects to get involved.
  3. Subscribe and listen to award-winning Sanford podcasts: Policy 360 and Ways & Means (listen on websites, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify).
  4. Follow Sanford on social media. Join the Sanford School Facebook Page. Follow @DukeSanford on Twitter. Follow Duke_Sanford on Instagram (Find the popular #humansofDukeSanford series here.) Join the school’s LinkedIn page and LinkedIn group to connect with our community.
  5. Subscribe to Sanford’s YouTube channel to watch videos and past virtual events.

Enjoy your journey to learn more about public policy!