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In this episode of Ways & Means: the hidden role that climate plays in the story of migration. How a changing climate is driving thousands of people to enter the U.S. each year. And how relatively small, inexpensive changes on the ground could make a difference with a daunting geopolitical problem.

This is the seventh episode in our “Climate Change Solutions” series, where we look at research-based ideas to help cool a rapidly heating planet.

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Climate Migration: Why People Leave and What Might Help Them Stay


  • “Marisol” (pseudonym), Guatemala
  • Marcos, Guatemala



Thank you

  • Reporting from Guatemala was provided by Juan Carlos Narvaez Gutierrez, with help from Nayeli Garci-Crespo in Mexico City and research assistant Daniela Armenta Hernández.
  • Elly Goetz and Elias Santos helped with reporting from Honduras.
  • Duke staffer Asa Royal and Ways & Means producers Carol Jackson and Marc Maximov voiced translations
  • Duke student Joy Liu designed the artwork for the season.

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. Find out more about the Duke Climate Commitment.



Ways & Means Climate Change Solutions is a series of podcast episodes. All episodes are hosted by journalists, and include storytelling from around the world. Episodes include:

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Duke Climate Commitment

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. This collaboration reflects the Duke Climate Commitmentwhich unites the university’s education, research, operations, and public service missions to address the climate crisis. The commitment builds on Duke’s longstanding leadership in climate, energy, and sustainability to educate a new generation of climate-fluent innovators and create equitable solutions for all

More about the Duke Climate Commitment