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Sanford is celebrating the remarkable achievements of two distinguished scholars, Dr. Jennifer Lansford and Dr. Anna Gassman-Pines, who have been recognized with prestigious awards from the American Psychological Association's Division 7 for their outstanding contributions to the field of developmental science.

woman, blond hair, smiling
Jennifer Lansford

Dr. Jennifer Lansford has been awarded the esteemed 2023 Mary Ainsworth Award. This honor acknowledges her exceptional scientific merit and groundbreaking work, which has opened new empirical and theoretical areas within developmental psychology and fostered interdisciplinary connections. Lansford is the director of the Center for Child and Family Policy and a research professor at Sanford.


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Anna Gassman-Pines

Dr. Anna Gassman-Pines, another distinguished scholar from Sanford, has received the highly acclaimed 2023 Mavis Hetherington Award. This recognition honors her exceptional commitment to advancing the well-being of children, families, and organizations through her scholarly contributions and applied developmental science. Gassman-Pines is a professor at Sanford as well as a Duke professor of Psychology & Neuroscience.

Both Dr. Lansford and Dr. Gassman-Pines have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the field of developmental psychology, leveraging their research to drive positive change in society, particularly for the well-being of children and families.

Dr. Gassman-Pines' profound impact on the science of developmental psychology and her tireless efforts to bridge the gap between research and practice has garnered widespread recognition. Her work has expanded our understanding of human development and paved the way for interventions and policies that promote the well-being of individuals and communities.

The Mary Ainsworth Award, presented to Dr. Lansford, and the Mavis Hetherington Award, bestowed upon Dr. Gassman-Pines, are testaments to their outstanding scholarship and instrumental contributions to the field. The awards include commemorative plaques, which will be presented to them during the Business Meeting at the 2024 American Psychological Association (APA) conference.

Sanford Dean Judith Kelley commended their achievements, "Dr. Lansford and Dr. Gassman-Pines have made transformative contributions to the field. These awards are well-deserved honors, affirming their outstanding achievements and the positive impact they have made. Sanford takes great pride in the accomplishments of Dr. Lansford and Dr. Gassman-Pines. Their exceptional work serves as an inspiration to scholars and professionals alike, highlighting the importance of research in shaping policies and interventions that foster the growth and development of individuals and communities.”