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We designed this space to equip Sanford advocates with the tools to share your information about Sanford with your professional and social media networks. Everyone who is interested and invested in Sanford is invited to use this toolkit to make a difference. We are thankful to have such a strong network of alumni and friends who are willing to serve as ambassadors to help the school reach its mission!

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Sanford School Board of Visitors

Branding Materials

Want to share what a special place Sanford is? Download one of these handy graphics and share on social media! You can also share one of our videos!

Why Sanford? Rigor and analysis, opportunities, excellence, impact, service opportunities.


Sanford's key themes: international development, energy & environment, media & democracy, security policy, health policy, social policy, tech policy. Circles that overlap.
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Featured Video

Duke Sanford: Outrageous Ambition

The Sanford School's founder, Terry Sanford, spoke often of the importance of outrageous ambitions. Here Sanford community members reflect on just what it means to have grand ambitions.

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Inside the Sanford School Community

What's it like to be a student at Sanford? Take a look.


Strategic Priorities

Sanford has lofty goals, and we are headed in a great direction. Take a look, and share!

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Alumni Engagement Materials

With 9,000 alumni in 100 countries, our network is strong and growing! Download one of these images to share with your networks, and invite folks in your network to support Sanford! There are lots of ways to get involved.

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How to be a Sanford ambassador: let us know about Sanford alumni updates in your network; share speaker ideas and promote events; advocate, host, give
Engage with us: Culture of philanthropy, lead by example in giving; volunteer; connect at events

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Alumni Stories! Here's to 50 Years of Public Policy

Our alumni are doing amazing things. Share this video with your networks, or share one from our playlist of alumni stories.

Program Materials 

We invite you to download one of these images and share information about our fantastic rankings and programs with your networks! Know someone who might be interested in one of our degree programs? Share a video with them!

Sanford academic programs: undergraduate major, international master of environmental policy, master of public policy, master of international development policy, master of national security policy, PhD, executive ed
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Major in public policy: Learn practical skills in analysis and action to make a difference; undergraduate major is one of the best in the nation, and among the largest at Duke.

Undergraduate Major in

Public Policy Studies

Master of

National Security Policy

Master of

Public Policy

PhD in

Public Policy

International Master of

Environmental Policy

Degree Program handy Guide

Public policy undergraduate major

Rigorous coursework provides students skills in political and economic analysis, knowledge about how to lead people and organizations, and a strong ethical foundation for decision-making. As a liberal arts major, public policy studies teaches students to read critically, think analytically, and write concisely.

Master of Public Policy

Our two-year, professional Master of Public Policy (MPP) program offers students outstanding preparation for dynamic careers as analysts, leaders and managers at various levels of government, nonprofits and corporations – both domestically and internationally.

Master of International Development Policy

The Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) is a flexible interdisciplinary degree program focused on early to mid-career professionals who will dedicate their careers to policymaking and public service in developing countries. The program is run by the renowned Duke Sanford Center for International Development.

Master of National Security Policy

The Master of National Security Policy program is designed for those working in national security – government, military, defense or consulting  – to help advance your career and skills. The program is for those currently working in national security who have at least seven years of work experience.

PhD Program

The PhD in Public Policy at Duke University enables students to collaborate with Duke’s top-rated faculty in public policy and with Duke’s departments of economics, political science and sociology. Most students pursue research with the goal of working in domestic and international public agencies, research organizations and policy consulting firms. Others seek academic positions in public policy, public administration and policy-oriented schools. 

Executive Education

Mid-career and senior-level professionals enhance their skills on timely topics related to behavioral economics, cybersecurity leadership, corporate social responsibility and more. 

Recent News

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