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Sanford in the World

Global Activities

The faculty of the Sanford School are involved in projects across the globe. For example, more than 40 people work on topics in the arena of international development. Our scholars also have expertise in global governance, international economy, trade and the environment, environmental health, and other areas. Faculty members run educational and research programs in China, India, Europe and elsewhere.

To learn about Sanford research and activities around the world, pick a region from the list to the right and explore our stories and videos.

Here’s a preview:

Can a widely hailed initiative deliver better quality health care in rural India? (Treatable illnesses such as diarrhea and pneumonia claimed the lives of nearly a half million Indian children under age 5 in 2013 alone.) (South and Southeast Asia region)

Does grading a country’s efforts on regulating human trafficking change the amount of effort the country puts forth to stop the practice? (Cross-national region)

Can measures taken to protect ecosystems and the environment could deliver public health benefits? The answer is yes, according to research by Sanford's Subhrendu Patttanayak. (Latin America and the Carribean region)