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Australia and Oceana

Duke University has a long-standing commitment to providing study abroad opportunities and offers a wide range of options for students. Approximately half of eligible undergraduates participate in a summer, semester, or academic-year program. Duke in Australia is one of the most popular study abroad programs offered by Duke’s Global Education Office for undergraduates.

The Sanford School of Public Policy is also well represented in the “Land Down Under.” For example, Professor Helen "Sunny" Ladd has studied accountability systems used in New Zealand schools, with the goal of drawing lessons for the United States. She spent five months in New Zealand examining that country's decade-long experiment with self-governing schools and parental choice - ideas that underlie the interest in charter schools and vouchers in the United States. Her research became a book, When Schools Compete: A Cautionary Tale (Brookings Institution Press, 2000).

In addition, reporters from the region participate in Professor of the Practice Bill Adair’s global fact-checking network.