Statistician III, Duke Center for Child & Family Policy

Yu Bai, a statistician, has been with the Center for Child and Family Policy since 2008. Bai serves as statistician for Family Connects International, a program that connects families to community services via nurse home visits. As a senior data analyst of Durham Children’s Data Center, he currently is working with educators from Durham County Public School on several projects, which evaluate intervention program effectiveness. Previously, he worked with his Center colleagues on several projects, including America’s Promise Alliance, the Child and Family Support Teams Initiative, and Evaluation of Early Childhood Program (Smart Start and More at Four). His duties include data management and data analysis, drafting the method and results sections of peer-review manuscripts, and independently preparing manuscripts for publication as the lead author.

Bai is interested in using advanced methodology to answer research questions, such as proportionate hazard model, multilevel modeling, multiple imputation approach, survey-design data analysis, propensity score approach, Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition approach, and semi-parametric modeling.

Originally from China, Bai earned a Ph.D. in health policy and administration at The Pennsylvania State University in 2007.