Bilingual Data Tech, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy

Laura Andrade joined the Center for Child and Family Policy as a bilingual senior research aide in June 2019 for the Prospective Study of Infant Development project. Since then, she has worked on several research projects at the Center, including Fast Track, Parenting Across Cultures, and the Navigation Study. She is a biologist with an interest in the social, environmental, and data sciences. Her areas of interest include social equity and justice, sustainable development, and science education as a way to promote critical thinking and empower communities.

She is the director of Celebra Latinx, a Spanish reading program that supports Latinx children to maintain and develop the Spanish language while providing opportunities for Duke students to work with Latinx families, practice their Spanish communication skills, and learn how to do research with human subjects.

She has conducted ecological and social science research, designed community-based environmental and social projects, worked as a science communicator and statistical consultant, written scientific articles in both the natural and social sciences, and has taught undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S. and abroad.