Multimedia Communications Specialist

Hannah Otos is the Multimedia Communications Specialist at Sanford. She films, edits, and posts most videos on Sanford's social media and YouTube pages. She also records and mixes the Policy 360 podcast and assists with the Ways & Means podcast. As with running the HumansofDukeSanford Instagram, Hannah also contributes to regular edits on the Sanford website. Hannah also serves as the liaison between Sanford's DEI committee and the communications team.

Hannah graduated from Elon University with a BFA in Cinema and Television Arts and a minor in International and Global Studies in 2022. Hannah spent two years producing, filming, and editing multiple promotional videos for Elon’s Residence Life and later went on to run cameras for live-stream events as a Media Services Technician at Elon. Hannah has created multiple short documentaries for the “Elon Docs” program and wrote and directed a narrative short film for her BFA and Honors theses. Prior to joining Sanford, Hannah worked remotely as an assistant movie trailer editor at a creative advertising company in California. You can check out Hannah’s work on her website

Fun fact: Hannah can juggle.