Director of Financial Aid

Brandon handles all responsibilities for federal checklist completion and FAFSA verification. He determines and awards federal loan funding as well as federal work-study funds. With a comprehensive oversight of financial aid operations and programs, Brandon diligently manages grants while ensuring overall compliance with school and federal funds. For any inquiries regarding student financial planning or questions regarding the cost of attendance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to Brandon for assistance. His expertise makes him a valuable resource in navigating the complexities of the financial aid process and securing necessary funding for students' educational pursuits.

Brandon graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology minoring in history from the University of North Florida (UNF). He continued his studies at UNF, earning a Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree, in which Brandon studied how society can improve access to education and avoid the stratification of higher education. From his time at a small public college in Northeast Florida to New York University, and Columbia University — Brandon has accumulated an array of experience. He's met leaders who are resourceful in first carefully listening to an issue and then responding to challenges in a solution-driven way.

His grandfather, a career Army Medical Doctor, once told Brandon, “service to humanity is the price we pay for living.” Brandon continues to live by those words on a daily. Focusing his abilities to help guide students through the complex world of higher education while doing the utmost to learn from and mentor colleagues. His chief goal is to ensure that students have complete and accurate information so that they can make the best decisions toward following their dreams.