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The Ethics of Now
@ 7:10 pm

With cutting-edge and vital research, Jennifer Eberhardt teaches us how our brains work and how racism does its work. By illuminating how we unconsciously associate blackness and crime, and by working with law enforcement agencies to disrupt those associations, she shows us that the problems...

Research Town Halls
@ 2:00 pm

The Duke Office of Scientific Integrity invites you to join an open discussion about the importance of the speak up culture in research communities.

RSVP at the link:

Fulfills the Responsible Conduct of Research Requirement...

Rethinking Diplomacy
@ 4:00 pm

This talk is the first in a new program called Rethinking Diplomacy organized by the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies with support from the Trent Foundation.

About the speaker: Ambassador W. Robert Pearson is a retired professional foreign service officer who...

Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture
@ 5:30 pm

Tickets available 12/3/19. Darren Walker is president of the Ford Foundation, an international social justice philanthropy with a $13 billion endowment and $600 million in annual grant making. He chaired the philanthropy committee that brought a resolution to the city of Detroit's historic...

Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture featuring Marta Tienda
@ 3:00 pm

Integration is a ubiquitous concept in the immigration literature, but segregation-its opposite-dominates academic discourse about public education. Building on Justice O'Connor's opinion (Grutter v. Bollinger, 2013) that "[O]ur nation's public institutions should be pursuing the larger national...