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Violence in El Salvador: Which Way Forward?

03.23.2021 @ 12:00 pm

Mired in violence inflicted by gangs and security forces alike, El Salvador tops the list of most dangerous countries outside of an active war zone.

It was not until the end of the twelve year-long civil war that the U.S. afforded Salvadorian migrants partial protection, thereby delaying successful integration of what became U.S.'s second largest Latin American diaspora.

How did a group of disenfranchised migrant youth turn into America's most notorious gang? What prevented Salvadorian and U.S. authorities from restoring order? What are the ways forward?

Tiziano Breda (Crisis Group), Stephen Dudley (Insight Crime), Kay Andrade-Eekhoff (Inter-American Foundation) and Debra L. Gittler (ConTextos) have examined El Salvador's insecurity predicament subcutaneously. Join Piotr Plewa (DUCIGS) and Sarah Bermeo (Sanford) for an insightful conversation with the four country experts and an opportunity to ask questions.

Thakkar, Rohini -

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