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Police Abuse and Accountability: The Struggle for Police Reform in Chicago

Past Event: 02.08.2017 @ 6:30 pm

With regular reports of police killings of unarmed citizens, the issue of police misconduct is now on the national agenda. Jamie Kalven is an investigative journalist and human rights activist who has reported extensively on patterns of police abuse and impunity in Chicago. It was Mr. Kalven who brought the police killing of Laquan McDonald to public attention. Most recently, he has published a compelling account of the operations of the code of silence in the Chicago Police Department.Mr. Kalven's work became the focus of a protracted legal controversy in 2005-2006, when he refused to comply with a subpoena demanding his notes. A series of legal actions eventually established that documents bearing on allegations of police misconduct are public information. Civil rights lawyers have hailed the ruling as "historic" and a "watershed."Jamie Kalven will be the Kenan Practitioner in Residence with the Cover-ups and Exposes project at KIE. His public lecture will address lessons learned about institutional accountability during the turbulent period since the release of the Laquan McDonald video.Reception to follow.

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