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The Middle East in Turmoil: A Public Conversation

Past Event: 10.27.2014 @ 5:00 pm

With a war raging in Syria that's spilled over into Iraq, militant groups jockeying for attention and control, and a sobering post-Arab Spring reality that's seen traditional alliances upended, political Islam scrutinized, and dissent stifled, four Duke experts put the latest developments and their relevance for America in perspective. Professors Bruce Jentleson (Sanford School of Public Policy), Abdeslam Maghraoui (Political Science), Omid Safi (Duke Islamic Studies Center) and David Schanzer (Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security) discussed what's next for the Middle East. Sponsored by the Sanford School of Public Policy and the Duke Islamic Studies Center's ISLAMiCommentary forum.

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