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Events Panel 1

Early Childhood Initiative Lecture featuring Daphna Bassok
@ 12:00 pm

Reducing Teacher Turnover in Early Childhood Education Settings: Lessons from Research Policy Partnerships in Louisiana and Virginia

Daphna Bassok is an associate professor of education and public policy at the University of Virginia and associate director of EdPolicyWorks, a joint...

'Stand For' Event Series
@ 12:00 pm

Please join the Sanford School of Public Policy and Duke's Center for International Development on Thursday, Feb. 23 at noon to discuss corporate citizenship and how two alumni whose careers exemplify this accountability in the 'Stand For Corporate Social Responsibility."


Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture featuring Raj Chetty
@ 5:30 pm

Children's chances of earning more than their parents have fallen from 90 percent to 50 percent over the past half century in America. How can we restore the American Dream of upward mobility for our children? In this talk, Raj Chetty will discuss recent work that he and his colleagues at...

Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture featuring Cynthia Garcia Coll
@ 5:30 pm

As this historic pandemic unfolds, we see Black, Indigenous, and people of color overrepresented in its dire consequences: increased numbers in positive COVID-19 cases and deaths, layoffs, evictions, and food insecurity. Existing inequality in educational opportunities, housing, healthcare, and...

Stand For Something
@ 5:00 pm

Please join the Sanford School of Public Policy and Duke's Center for Child and Family Policy for the Spring 2021 Stand For Racial Justice virtual event featuring the Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson on Thursday, March 25, 5-6 p.m.

Register here: http...