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Early Childhood Initiative Lecture featuring Stephanie Curenton
@ 12:30 pm

This presentation will focus on racially minoritized learners' (RMLs) experiences and achievement in school settings with a particular focus on discussing how the field measures instructional quality as it relates to RMLs' experiences in the classroom. The presentation will provide suggestions...

Research Town Halls Series
@ 10:00 am

Join us for an open discussion about Perverse Incentives in Academic Research, their impact on research integrity and institutional resources to overcome them.
Attending this event fulfills the Responsible Conduct of Research requirement for Faculty and Staff, RCR-200.


Duke University Virtual Media Briefings
@ 12:00 pm

Duke scholars will provide analysis of the latest developments the day after one of the most fraught elections in America's history. This video conference for media will also be available for general viewing via YouTube.


Guy-Uriel Charles
Guy-Uriel Charles is a...

@ 3:30 pm

Join a panel of faculty experts on constitutional and election law, political science, comparative politics and international election monitoring, and media to debrief what happened and what is next.

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@ 12:00 am

Save the dates for the 5th annual Energy Week at Duke: Nov. 9-12, 2020. This free online event series-which will focus on the theme of "Upheaval and Resilience" this year-is open to students, faculty, and professionals across the world.

Featured events include the Duke University Energy...