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Enviro-Art Gallery 2021

04.05.2021 @ 12:00 am

The Enviro-Art Gallery is a showcase of student and professional artwork designed to highlight the beauty and struggles of nature. It presents art as a call to action, working to connect people to places, ecosystems, and international experiences of nature through engaging visual dialogues.

2021's event will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever before! The showcase has taken place at Duke University in North Carolina, USA for the last three years and is a major staple in the STEAM and eco-art communities here. Here's how 2021 is different!

1) It's VIRTUAL: coming out NEXT WEEK is a final site chock FULL of environmental artwork, videos, and literary works from around the world.

2) It's GLOBAL: That's right! We're talking across the U.S. to China and Australia. From South Africa to Europe and between, pieces and statements from sea to shining sea.

3) It's BIG: We've got 15 AMAZING guest speakers ranging from issues of climate change to environmental injustice, water and forests, to marine life, who are going to share their craft with YOU! These are National Geographic Explorers, famous puppeteers and documentarians, intricately detailed sculptors, visual artists, and systems thinkers. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THEM!.

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