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Events Panel 2

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@ 5:00 pm

Traditionally, personal relationships and networks have been the primary tools of community organizing. However, as technology and big data play increasingly important roles in our lives, some organizers are leveraging it in their work. Locally, organizations are using insights gleaned from data...

Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture featuring Natasha Cabrera
@ 3:00 pm

In this presentation, Natasha Cabrera will review the empirical evidence that links father involvement to children's developmental outcomes during early childhood. She takes a family systems perspective that fathers' contribution to their children's development is over and above the contribution...

Sulzberger Colloquium featuring Natasha Cabrera
@ 12:00 pm

Natasha Cabrera will present findings from studies that examine the longitudinal associations between household income when children are 1 year old and children's academic achievement and behavioral problems at age 9 by testing three pathways of influence: parental investments, family stress,...

@ 3:30 pm

School district representatives will share information and answer questions about how to develop, gain approval for, and implement research that takes place in school settings and that may involve students, teachers, and administrators.

Michael Gaffrey, Assistant...

AGS Hallmark Speaker Series
@ 5:30 pm

AGS hosts two former White House Chiefs of Staff, Joshua Bolten and Denis McDonough, to discuss the norms of campaigning as an incumbent - fighting for re-election while also preparing the government for a possible transition in case of defeat. Bolten and McDonough will draw from their personal...