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Brianna Van Stekelenburg

Senior Research Aide, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy


Brianna Van Stekelenburg joined the Center as a senior research aide in February 2016 as part of the Center for the Study of Adolescent Risk and Resilience. She received her Master of Public Policy from Duke University in 2015. Her master's thesis, which is published on Duke Space, focused on assessing and addressing the protection needs of undocumented migrant youth in North Carolina.

Before receiving her MPP, Van Stekelenburg lived in Uruguay for six months and taught English to third graders in a low-income neighborhood in Montevideo. Brianna was also part of AmeriCorp's College Corps program at the University of Mississippi, which involved mentoring first graders in reading and math. Her past research experience includes topics such as human trafficking, immigration, undocumented minors, and education.

Van Stekelenburg currently engages with the local community as a board member for Crayons2Calculators, a Durham non-profit.