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Joel Luther

Associate in Research


Joel Luther is an Associate in Research at the Duke Reporters' Lab.  He studies how fact-checkers are using the ClaimReview tagging system that the Lab developed a few years ago in a partnership with Google. ClaimReview has become a critical piece in the growth of automated fact-checking, including the new products the Reporters' Lab is developing such as real-time products for televised events.

Joel graduated from Duke in 2015 with a B.A in Computer Science and a minor in Religious Studies and has had a variety of roles at Duke ever since.

He worked in Sanford’s communications office as the Digital Communications Fellow, managing the school’s website and social media. He covered Sanford events as both reporter and photographer. He then became the program coordinator at Polis, where he was responsible for events, communications and built a website with information about voting in the 2018 election.