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Ashley T. Alvord

Director of Dissemination and Program Certification, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy


Ashley Alvord is the director of dissemination and program certification for the Family Connects leadership team within the Center for Child and Family Policy. In this role, Alvord supports sites interested in implementing the Family Connects model within their community through coordinated training and consultation. Utilizing an expertise in implementation science principles and quality improvement methods, Alvord assists sites in their goal of “translating research into practice” and achieving program certification.

Alvord’s experience with Family Connects began in July 2009 when she joined the Center for Child & Family Health and began working directly with agency leaders to create, improve, and monitor processes to support evidence-based clinical services for children at risk for, or having experienced, significant trauma and loss.

Previously, Alvord served as data manager for the Alabama SCHIP program and a medical services support specialist with TRICARE Europe. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and the Boston University School of Public Health.