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210 Sanford Building, Box 90245
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Mallory Elizabeth SoRelle
Assistant Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy


Ph.D., Cornell University (2016)
M.A., Cornell University (2014)
M.P.P., Harvard University (2010)
B.A., Smith College (2006)


Mallory SoRelle is an Assistant Professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Her research and teaching explore how public policies are produced by, and critically how they reproduce, socioeconomic and political inequality in the United States. She focuses primarily on issues like consumer financial protection and access to civil justice that fundamentally shape the welfare of marginalized communities yet are often overlooked by scholars of the welfare state because they are not traditional redistributive programs.

Mallory is the author of Democracy Declined: The Failed Politics of Consumer Financial Protection (University of Chicago Press, 2020), which explores the political response—by policymakers, public interest groups, and ordinary Americans—to one of the most consequential economic policy issues in the United States: consumer credit and financial regulation.

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