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Box 90719
Durham, NC 27708-0719
308 Carr Bldg, 136 Public Policy
Durham, NC 27708


(919) 668-5297



Gunther W. Peck
Associate Professor of History
Director of the Hart Leadership Program
Associate Professor of Public Policy Studies
Bass Fellow

Areas of Expertise


Ph.D., Yale University (1994)
M.A., Yale University (1991)
M.A., University of Wisconsin at Madison (1989)
B.A., Princeton University (1984)

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My research focuses on the long history of human trafficking and its relationship to the evolution of racial ideology, humanitarian intervention, and immigration policy in North America and Europe.

In addition to mentoring both History and Public Policy graduate students, I regularly teach four undergraduate lecture courses entitled “Immigrant Dreams, American Realities: U.S. Immigration Policy History,”  “Historicizing Whiteness,” “Human Trafficking, Past to Present,” and “North American Environmental History.”  As a community activist in North Carolina, I have also taken a keen interest in voting rights and understanding how and why citizens do and do not vote.


Selected Grants