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Box 90245
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Sally Afia Nuamah
Assistant Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy


Ph.D., Northwestern University (2016)
M.A., Northwestern University (2013)
B.A., George Washington University (2011)


Sally A. Nuamah completed her Ph.D. in political science at Northwestern University in June 2016. She was named a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University and a Women and Public Policy fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Her dissertation examined the political consequences of school closure for racial equality and democratic politics. Her work has been supported by a number of grants including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the University of Pennsylvania Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. 

In 2011, Sally Nuamah graduated from GWU a recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholarship and Princeton University Prize award. Most notably, she was awarded the GW Manatt-Trachtenberg Award, presented to a student who has significantly challenged the social and intellectual conscience of the university, inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, and named one of two Distinguished Scholars; the highest mark of distinction at the George Washington University. Sally Nuamah is now a Trustee on the George Washington University Board of Trustees.

In addition to her work as an academic, Sally consults and conducts research across the U.S, Ghana and South Africa for a number of groups including the American Bar Foundation, the United States AID for International Development and the United Nations Foundation. Her work primarily focuses on how policies influence disadvantaged groups and the ways in which groups can work together to resolve important policy issues through education. For her broader work, Sally has received numerous awards. Recently, she was named "Chicago's 35 under 35 leaders making an impact" by Chicago Scholars; received an "Under 40 award in Education" from Black Women Organized for Political Action, and was awarded a 2018 Global Emerging Leading Award by the Global Strategists Association. In addition, Sally has an award winning documentary on girls and education titled, HerStory, that is currently distributed by Discovery Channel Education. To learn more about her film and global work, visit

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