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Manoj Mohanan
Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Associate Research Professor of Global Health
Associate Professor of Economics
Faculty Research Scholar of DuPRI's Population Research Center

Areas of Expertise


Ph.D., Harvard University (2009)
M.S.P.H., Harvard University (2000)



Manoj Mohanan talks about the "know-do" gap in healthcare. Listen: 



Manoj Mohanan discusses his study on an unsuccessful healthcare initiative in rural India. Listen:




Manoj Mohanan is an applied microeconomist, focusing on health and development economics, with a background in medicine and public health. His research focuses on topics related to health and health care in developing countries including: performance-based contracts, measurement of provider quality and performance, social franchising, and social accountability / monitoring.  He also studies the role of subjective expectations and beliefs in health care behavior.

Several of his projects feature field experiments, policy interventions and evaluations. He is involved in research projects in India, Kenya and China.
For more on policy evaluation and research projects in India, please visit COHESIVE-India.