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Search our database to find articles, books and other scholarly works written by our faculty during the last two years or forthcoming. For more complete publications information, please visit individual scholars’ webpages.

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Author(s): Cook, PJ; Pollack, HA; White, K

Date Published: 05.28.2019

Published in: Journal of Urban Health : Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Cross, SH; Kamal, AH; Taylor, DH; Warraich, HJ

Date Published: 05.23.2019

Published in: Cardiac Failure Review

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Hanson, JL; Albert, WD; Skinner, AT; Shen, SH; Dodge, KA; Lansford, JE

Date Published: 05.13.2019

Published in: Development and Psychopathology

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Lemmon, ME; Ubel, PA; Janvier, A

Date Published: 05.12.2019

Published in: Jama Neurol

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Deater-Deckard, K; Godwin, J; Lansford, JE; Tirado, LMU; Yotanyamaneewong, S; Alampay, LP; Al-Hassan, SM; Bacchini, D; Bornstein, MH; Chang, L; Di Giunta, L; Dodge, KA; Oburu, P; Pastorelli, C; Skinner, AT; Sorbring, E; Steinberg, L; Tapanya, S

Date Published: 05.10.2019

Published in: Developmental Science

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Robertson, AG; Swartz, MS

Date Published: 05.05.2019

Published in: Psychiatr Serv

Type: Journal Article

Author(s): Amaral, DG; Anderson, GM; Bailey, A; Bernier, R; Bishop, S; Blatt, G; Canal-Bedia, R; Charman, T; Dawson, G; de Vries, PJ; Dicicco-Bloom, E; Dissanayake, C; Kamio, Y; Kana, R; Khan, NZ; Knoll, A; Kooy, F; Lainhart, J; Levitt, P; Loveland, K; Minshew, N; Mueller, RA; Murphy, D; Mundy, P; Palencia, S; Pinto-Martin, J; Rattazzi, A; Rogers, S; Stone, WL; Webb, SJ; Whitehouse, A

Date Published: 04.30.2019

Published in: Autism Research

Type: Journal Article