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Global Internships

From the House of Representatives to the rainforests of Borneo, Sanford students complete internships across the globe.

The school was one of the first in the nation to make an internship a required component of both an undergraduate and graduate public policy degree.

Students find that the real-world lessons policy internships provide play an important part in their education, help them to gain exposure in a variety of fields, and aid in finding a job post-graduation. Take a look:


Washington, DC


Geoffrey HamlinYou are truly a valued member of the team and, depending on your agency and division, are given real responsibility and significant assignments.  I have had direct influence on policies that will affect tens, if not hundreds of millions of people and have made meaningful connections with some of the most influential and brilliant policymakers in the country. – Geoffrey Hamlyn, MPP'16, White House Office of Management and Budget




guatemalan hillsideIt has been both interesting and amazing to spend the summer in this coffee-grower community, while having the opportunity to meet wonderful people working towards improving living conditions of the communities through training and empowerment.  This project has been a great opportunity to get a better understanding how participatory development works on the ground. – Ariadne Rivera Aguirre, MPP‘16, Counter Culture Coffee




group of women in IndiaWe conducted field research in communities in the foothills of a mining facility. With unregulated mining for nearly 16 years, the local population faces many issues, including environmental degradation, threat to life due to mining blasts, unregulated toxic dumping, and depletion of air and soil quality. - Karina Ibrahim, MPP'16, India Program for International Development Leaders


London and Lahore


Adi at the United NationsI had the opportunity to work for a government consulting firm. My work brought me to London and Lahore, where the firm is assisting the Government of Punjab in their reform initiatives. I assisted the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office to develop a solid waste management strategy. As the biggest province in Pakistan, where more than 100 million people live and produce waste everyday, Punjab needs to improve its capacity for waste collection and disposal. – Adi Pradana, MPP’16, Delivery Associates




young man smilingPeople here call Borneo the “Earth’s lungs” and, sadly, they are in poor shape. Indonesia has burned through much of its generous endowment of natural resources; only about a quarter of its primary rainforests remain. Aside from being economically unsustainable, this consumption pattern contributes to climate change. - Matthew Borden, MPP '16, United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID)


Video Profile

Tara Bansal (PPS '17) spent a summer working in Bangalore, India. She went into slums and interviewed people in Hindi and Kannada with the help of translators, conducting thousands of surveys in an attempt to identify formal and informal community leaders. Her research will be used to better identify the political network that controls how government goods and services are distributed in the slums of Bangalore. Tara was selected as the Grand Prize winner of Sanford's internship photo contest, #PolicyInAction. Watch: