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Job Placements

Most of our students pursue doctoral-level public policy research with the goal of working in domestic and international public agencies, research organizations and policy consulting firms. Some of our students will seek academic positions in public policy, public administration and policy-oriented schools. They are united by their passion for public policy and their desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Sanford's PhD Program in Public Policy began in 2007, and now our earliest students have begun their first jobs. Our students' success on the job market affirms the strength of our program. Their smooth transitions from graduate students to research professionals indicates proper preparation. View our job placements below.






Position Type

Puneet Chehal 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Chicago, Center for Health and Social Sciences University
Andrew Heiss 2017 Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Administration Brigham Young University School, Romney Institute of Public Management University
Zoelene Hill 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow New York University, Institute for Human Development and Social Change University
Robert Richards 2017 Senior Data Analyst Leavitt Partners in Salt Lake City Private
Ying Shi 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Stanford University, Center for Education Policy Analysis University
Danielle Vance-McMullen 2017 Assistant Professor University of Memphis, Department of Public and Non-Profit Administration University
Kristen Cooksey 2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Connecticut, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity University
Amy Finnegan 2016 Postdoctoral Research Associate Duke Population Research Institute University
Divya Guru Rajan 2016 Data Scientist Private Consulting Firm Private
John Holbein 2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Princeton University Center for the Study of Democratic Politics University
Jennifer Shen 2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of California-San Francisco Health Policy Fellowship at the Institute for Health Policy Studies University
Lucy Sorensen 2016 Assistant Professor University at Albany School of Public Administration University
Yulya Truskinovsky 2016 Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies University
Marina Gorsuch 2015 Research Associate University of Minnesota Population Research Center University
Nicholas Ingwersen  2015 Research Economist Mathematica Policy Research International Division (Washington, DC) Private
Poh Lin Tan  2015 Assistant Professor Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore University
Eva Szalkai Csaky 2014 Director The Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanities, Southern Methodist University University
Senior Associate
TMG Consulting
Ava Gail Cas 2013 Assistant Professor Catholic University of America University
Katherine Duch 2013 Senior Research Manager Analyst Institute Non-Profit
Dania Francis 2013 Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Amherst  University
Sarah Fuller 2013 Research Assistant Professor UNC-Chapel Hill/Education Policy Initiative  University
Maeve Gearing  2013 Research Associate Urban Institute  Non-Profit
Wei He 2013 Senior Compliance Officer JP Morgan Chase Private
Catherine Herrold  2013 Assistant Professor Indiana University University
Sara Weiss 2013 Research Scholar The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation  University
Michelle Welch 2013 Research and Policy Manager Laura and John Arnold Foundation Non-Profit
Hye Kim 2012 Assistant Professor National University of Singapore University