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Don Taylor Appointed Director of the Social Science Research Institute

Don Taylor, a leading scholar of health policy, has been named director of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), Provost Sally Kornbluth announced this week. SSRI is one of Duke’s six signature interdisciplinary institutes with a mission of promoting multidisciplinary research on important social issues.


How Parenthood Affects Climate Change Skeptics [Podcast]

Explore new research into how to overcome partisanship when it comes to belief about climate change.


Forest Fires Stunt Growth, Cause Permanent Loss of Human Potential

Forest fires are more harmful than previously imagined, causing stunted growth in children who were exposed to smoke while in the womb, according to new research from Duke University and the National University of Singapore.


The Last Ambassador to Venezuela [Podcast]

On this episode of the Policy 360 podcast, Patrick Duddy, former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, talks about the humanitarian and political crisis currently impacting the country. 


Multimedia Feature: The Big Idea - Poverty: Ladders, Traps and Windows

Two central questions drive Anirudh Krishna’s research into poverty: why do some poor people escape poverty and others do not, and why do some well-off people fall into poverty?


Books by Sanford Faculty Published in 2019

Sanford faculty members have been busy writing and several of their books are either out already or coming soon. Check out some of their works below with more to be added as they are published:


New Video: The 48-Hour Memo

During the spring semester, teams of first-year MPP students serve as consultants to clients with actual problems in a variety of policy areas. The semester begins with a 48-hour memo experience to learn teamwork skills.


Senior Thesis Spotlight: Learning Languages in Cyberspace

Yue “Heather” Zhou PPS’19 is an international student from China and speaks three languages, Chinese, English, and French. “I’ve always been interested in learning languages,” Zhou says. “But, I found out that in the states, learning a foreign language is not high on the priority list, especially for K-12 education.”


Do Big-Time Sports Belong in College? [Podcast]

On this episode of the Policy 360 podcast, Charles Clotfelter discusses the tremendous impact college athletics has on students, alumni, and beyond, for better or for worse, as well as what can be done to reform how schools treat the business of sports as a core part of their identity.


Madeleine Albright to Speak at Duke Feb. 28

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will give a free public lecture Thursday, Feb. 28, at Duke. In the David M. Rubenstein Distinguished Lecture, “The Future of Democracy at Home and Abroad,” Albright will assess the current health of democracy and the U.S. role in fighting fascism.


NC Leaders Gather to Bridge Differences, Discuss Future of Education

Thirty-nine political, civic and business leaders will gather at Duke University this week to participate in the third North Carolina Leadership Forum (NCLF), an initiative that brings leaders together to engage in constructive discussions regarding the future of the state. Over the course of four private two-day meetings, this year’s participants will explore questions critical to the future of education in North Carolina.


Benefits of Rooftop Solar Vary Greatly Across U.S.

Do U.S. solar energy policies achieve their aims? It depends on where arrays are located, says a new working paper by researchers from Duke and Carnegie Mellon universities, to be featured soon in the NBER Digest.