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Public Policy, Duke Students Rally Support for Residents During Public Housing Crisis

A recent crisis in public housing led Sabrina Davis MPP’20 to wonder how she could leverage her position as a Duke student to support the residents. The problems surfaced at the end of 2019, after two infants who lived in Durham’s McDougald Terrace public housing complex died. Meanwhile, about a dozen residents of the complex had been sent to area hospitals with elevated levels of carbon monoxide, which prompted the Durham Housing Authority to conduct emergency inspections on Dec. 27.


Student Voices: In defense of the Iowa caucuses, from an Iowa caucus-goer

After hours of waiting for the results in my home state’s elections, one thing is certain: Iowa’s beloved yet unconventional voting process is under siege. As one of Duke’s few Iowans, I’m here to defend our first-in-the-nation caucuses. 


Books by Sanford Faculty Published in 2019

Sanford faculty members have been busy writing and several of their books are either out already or coming soon. Check out some of their works below with more to be added as they are published:


Brown Honored for Innovative Teaching, Mentoring

Sanford faculty member Tony Brown is being honored with a Duke Presidential Award, the highest honor given by Duke to staff and faculty, in a ceremony on Feb. 25.


Ways & Means Podcast Dedicates Season Five to Issues in Politics

The Sanford School launches Season 5 of its award-winning documentary podcast, Ways & Means, on Wednesday, Feb. 19. The season is dedicated to issues in U.S. politics and civic life and hot topics in the 2020 elections.


Student Rights Under Attack: Q & A With Yael Bromberg

The 26th Amendment guarantees voting rights to Americans over the age of 18.


Elections 2020: Duke Sanford Experts, Resources, Events

A round-up of 2020  election-related events, resources, voting information and opinions.


Duke Joins Eight-Campus N.C. Youth Voting Initiative

Polis: Center for Politics and the Hart Leadership Program is supporting the U Can Vote NC Campus Challenge, a competition among eight North Carolina colleges to see which school can get the most students registered and voting.


Should Political Ads on Social Media be Regulated? [Podcast]

Social media has drastically changed political discourse. With the 2020 elections around the corner, we sit down with two people with different views for a conversation about social media platforms and political advertising.


Child Poverty Scholar Joins Sanford Faculty

This spring, Lisa Gennetian joins the Sanford School of Public Policy faculty as the Pritzker Professor of Early Learning Policy Studies and a faculty affiliate of the Center for Child and Family Policy, a position she says perfectly represents her mission of interdisciplinary thinking and work anchored on the lives of children. She comes to Duke from New York University.


Student Voices: Darren Walker - Moving from Inequality to Justice in the South

"I was impressed to hear the leader of one of the country’s largest philanthropic organizations speak so candidly about the limits of philanthropic work." - Wenjia Yu


Ford Foundation President Speaks on Philanthropy and Social Justice

question“Name a social ill, and there has been a demonstration project that shows us what works,” said Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. In conversation with Jay Pearson, assistant professor of public policy, Walker gave the Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture.