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Early choice of math among U.S. immigrant kids lead to STEM careers

U.S. immigrant children study more math and science in high school and college, which leads to their greater presence in STEM careers, according to new findings from scholars at Duke University and Stanford University.


Multimedia Feature: The Big Idea - Scorecard Diplomacy

Using data to rate countries doesn't just help us understand their behavior, it actually changes it.  


Multimedia Feature: The Big Idea - Preventing Violence

How can we prevent children from growing up to kill each other?


Former IRS Commissioner to Speak at Sanford

Former IRS Commissioner and Duke University alumnus John Koskinen will give a free public lecture Thursday, Jan. 17, at Duke. In the Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture, “A Life of Public Service,” Koskinen (T’61) will highlight accomplishments and challenges he faced during his career spanning 11 different public leadership positions.


Nation’s Top Public Affairs Schools Announce Diversity Alliance

A collective of six schools of public affairs announced today the launch of the new Public Affairs Diversity Alliance, uniting top public affairs and policy schools across the country that share a commitment to encouraging, training, mentoring, and promoting diverse scholars of public affairs and policy. The Alliance, the first of its kind in public affairs, seeks to encourage and sustain a pipeline of candidates for faculty positions in criminal justice, policy, and public administration.


CBS News Features Sanford Program that Helps the Nation's Newborns

When four Texas counties signed on to Family Connects International in September, they became the latest locations of a growing Sanford-based program that offers a fresh approach to newborn health. The program, which provides free nurse home visits to newborns and their parents, was profiled Jan. 2 on CBS This Morning.


Hotter Days Will Boost Chinese Residential Electric Use

DURHAM, N.C. – A new study from Duke University and Fudan University in China is the first to estimate how much Chinese residential electricity consumption would increase due to climate change. It’s a lot.  


The Sanford School's Top 10 Stories of 2018

Here are the top Sanford stories of 2018.


Not Just Baby Boomers: Mortality Rates for Gens X and Y Also Rising

Declining life expectancies in the U.S. include Gen X and Y Americans, in addition to the older Baby Boomers. But the causes of premature mortality vary by race, gender and ethnicity, according to a new study from Duke University. 


On the Hill, Deans Promote Higher Education's Power to Transform Lives

Now in their positions for several months, Deans Judith Kelley of the Sanford School of Public Policy and Toddi Steelman of the Nicholas School of the Environment visited Washington, D.C., Nov. 27 and 29 to share their visions for the future of environmental science and public policy with policymakers and members of the wider Duke community.


‘Dreamers’ Discuss Effects of Immigration Status

“Dreamers and Deportation,” was a moving event convened by the Hart Leadership Program.


Sanford Faculty Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 - Education

Sanford Faculty member Sally Nuamah has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Education List for 2019. The list aims to connect a cohort of "America's most precocious visionaries" in the world of learning. The list is selective; only 4 percent of those nominated are recognized by the judges.