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Duke Team Wins National Cyber Policy Competition

Four Sanford School of Public Policy students recently won a major cyber policy competition.


Good Reason Resources: Next Steps to Learn More About Public Policy

Many students attended Good Reason, a two-day virtual immersion where artists, activists, academics and practitioners from a range of policy fields re-imagine how public policy can build a better world. Here are some resources for event attendees and others who want to get more inviolved.


Lessons from the U.S. Capitol Riot

The jaw-dropping insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, egged on by President Trump, has shone yet again a harsh spotlight on domestic terror groups, disinformation and the role the military plays in domestic security issues. Four Duke experts spoke Thursday on these and other topics during a virtual briefing for members of the media.


Sanford Scholars Ranked Again as Among Most Influential in Education

For the eighth year in a row, Sanford School of Public Policy Professors Helen Ladd and Charles Clotfelter were ranked in the top 100 of the most influenti


Childhood Intervention Can Prevent Deaths of Despair, Study Says

Mortality rates among young adults are rising in the U.S. due in part to “deaths of despair,” preventable deaths from suicide, drug overdoses and alcohol-related liver disease. An intensive childhood intervention program called Fast Track could help reduce these deaths by reducing risky behaviors in adolescence and young adulthood, finds new research from Duke University and the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group.



Through the 'Stand for' Series, Sanford has invited speakers who shared how and why they stand for important topics connected to policy. Dean Judith Kelley is challenging the Sanford community – students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends – to reflect on the word or concept that each person stands for.


Alumni and students meet through the MPP Mentoring Program

Mentoring is not uncommon in graduate school, but typically faculty members are mentoring students in their academic pursuits. Now, master of public policy students at the Sanford School can also find a career mentor through Sanford’s worldwide alumni network. The Sanford Mentoring Program matches current MPP students with Sanford alumni interested in offering support based on their own educational and professional experiences.


South Africa After the Rainbow [POLICY 360 PODCAST]

In her research as a cultural anthropologist, Duke Professor Anne-Maria Makhulu seeks to untangle the racial and class disparities that still exist in South Africa despite the transition to a Black-majority, democratic government.


Student Voices: Consulting Project in the Midst of COVID

I had heard about the notorious 48-hour memo, before I started at Duke, when I browsed the Duke Sanford YouTube page to learn a little more about the program. Before I accepted my admissions offer, I watched a video of Deandrea Newsome MPP‘20 go through her intensive 48-hour memo with three classmates. I watched in surprise: they somehow managed to be in the same space for almost two days, and by the end, they had crafted a 10-page memo on a topic that they didn’t know about.


Student Voices: Stand for Human Rights with David Miliband

David Miliband spoke virtually with Sanford Dean Judith Kelley and Gavin Yamey, professor of the practice of public policy and public health, on the current status of humanitarian work around the world and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Engaging the Evil Empire [POLICY 360 PODCAST]

The end of the Cold War is often considered a bit of a geopolitical anomaly. In 1980 the increasing antagonistic relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union caused many to fear that the conflict was once again on the path to nuclear fallout.


Duke Awarded $10 Million to Invest in the Future of Public Policy

A $10 million award from The Duke Endowment will support Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, a national leader in public policy education and research, by funding graduate fellowships, professorships and strategic investments in school priorities, Duke President Vincent E. Price announced today.