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Policy Lab Gives Students Real-World Experience

Learning to write a succinct policy memo has been a staple of the public policy curriculum for nearly 50 years. This year, Deondra Rose developed a new approach to the process—rather than imagining themselves as staffers drafting memos facing a hypothetical policymaker, students are now writing memos for actual lawmakers.


Newspapers Still The Best Bet for Local News

In this conversation with Philip Napoli, the James R. Shepley Professor of Public Policy, we discuss a new research report on local news, one of a series of reports from the News Measures Research Project (NMRP).


NC Special Elections -- An Early Test for 2020

Tuesday’s special election to choose North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District representative could serve as a bellwether for next year’s election, says a Duke public policy expert.


The Unseen Health Effects of Forest Fires [Podcast]

New research shows forest fires are actually more harmful than we’ve previously thought. It’s not just about the impact on the environment or on the economy, but also on human health, especially unborn children.


Parental Incarceration Increases Children’s Risk of Substance Abuse, Anxiety in Adulthood

Children of incarcerated parents are six times more likely than other children to develop a substance use disorder as adults and nearly twice as likely to have diagnosable anxiety, according to


Former Congressional Staffer Joins Faculty

Sanford School of Public Policy students will have a new opportunity to learn from a Capitol Hill veteran this fall, with the addition of Asher D. Hildebrand to the faculty. Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Rep. David Price (D-N.C.), Hildebrand joined Sanford as an associate professor of the practice.


Partnership with Mexican Foundation to Boost Student Aid

The Sanford School of Public Policy has formed a partnership with a Mexican foundation that will provide financial aid and scholarships for Mexicans pursuing master’s degrees abroad at the world's finest universities.


Obama Administration’s Countering Violent Extremism Initiative ‘Deeply Flawed’

The Obama administration’s program to prevent individuals from embracing violent extremism was deeply flawed, according to a new report from the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.


New Professor Aims to Make Economics ‘Fun and Interesting’

Matthew Johnson’s first job as a bag boy for Ralph’s grocery store in California had a lasting influence on his career. It sparked his interest in understanding the labor market. “I had to join a union and I really wasn’t sure what a union was, what they did, and what the point of them was,” Johnson said.


Coffee in Jordan Leads to an MPP at Sanford

Earlier this year, Maria Ramirez MPP’20 sat down to prepare to speak to members of the Sanford School Board of Visitors about her experiences as a student. As she looked through the packet of information about the board members, she was surprised to see a familiar face: Hardy Vieux PPS’93.  


Sustained Investigative Effort Explains Higher Arrest Rates for Gun Murders

The primary reason gun fatalities result in arrests more frequently than nonfatal shootings is police devote more time and resources to the fatal cases, a new study by scholars at Duke and Northeastern universities finds.


Imam Abdullah Antepli Joins Sanford

By Mary Lindsley

Imam Abdullah Antepli, whose international involvement in peacemaking and reconciliation – especially among Jews and Muslims -- established his reputation as a faith leader and public intellectual, joined the Sanford School of Public Policy July 1.