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PhD Candidate Receives Horowitz Foundation Grant

November 14, 2018

PhD candidate Laura Bellows has received a grant of $7,500 from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy to support her research.  Her project, Immigration Enforcement and Student Achievement, looks at the impact of immigration enforcement on students' educational outcomes.

During the last term of the Bush administration and the first term of the Obama administration, detentions in and removals from the U.S. interior increased dramatically. Immigration enforcement in the U.S. interior is particularly likely to affect children, as about half of adult unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. interior live with their minor children. In total, an estimated 5.1 million children, 80% of whom are U.S. citizens, are estimated to have unauthorized immigrant parents. By examining the spillover effects of immigration enforcement on children, the majority of whom are U.S. citizens, Bellows's work will help policymakers estimate the full costs of immigration enforcement policies.

The foundation awarded grants to 19 scholars for research in the social sciences for the 2017 award year. Over the past 20 years, the foundation has award grants to more than 200 scholars from around the world.