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Ladd Appointed to Governor’s Commission on Education

November 17, 2017

Helen F. Ladd, the Susan B. King Professor Emerita of Public Policy, has been appointed to the Governor’s Commission on Access to Sound, Basic Education. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper created the commission by executive order.

The commission will develop a plan to ensure compliance with the N.C. Supreme Court rulings in the cases of Leandro v. North Carolina and Hoke County Board v North Carolina. These include staffing each classroom with a competent, well-trained teacher, each school with a competent, well-trained principal, and identifying the resources necessary to ensure all children an equal opportunity to a sound, basic education.

The commission has 19 members who serve at the pleasure of the governor. Eighteen members were appointed Nov. 15, and include experts from a wide range of fields, including teaching, higher education, health and the business community. Ladd is the education researcher representative.