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10.31.2020 | Star Tribune

In Minnesota, it's been a runaway October for COVID-19 infections

featuring: Mark McClellan
10.30.2020 | Oklahoma Watch

These Oklahoma Politicians Gave Misinformation a Boost

featuring: Bill Adair
10.30.2020 | Scientific American

Coronavirus News Roundup: October 24–October 30

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
10.30.2020 | NC Policy Watch

Good news and not-so-good news just hours from the finish line

featuring: Dirk Philipsen
10.30.2020 | The Guardian

Why the US military would welcome a decisive 2020 election win

featuring: Peter D. Feaver
10.29.2020 | Reuters Information Services

Democrats prefer 'scalpel' over 'jackhammer' to reform key U.S. internet law

featuring: Matthew Z. Perault
10.29.2020 | Duke Today


featuring: Gunther W. Peck
10.29.2020 | Politico

The Covid vaccine’s tricky politics

featuring: Gavin Yamey
10.28.2020 | Market Watch

America’s racial wealth gap hits home—what can be done about it

featuring: William A. Darity