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11.30.2016 | Politico

Politico: Yikes, we're going to be old (Kelly Brownell)

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
11.30.2016 | The Toronto Globe & Mail

The Toronto Globe & Mail: Trump’s victory shifts political ground for Trudeau (Stephen Kelly)

featuring: Stephen Kelly
11.26.2016 | The New York Times

NYT: As Soda Taxes Gain Wider Acceptance, Your Bottle May Be Next (Kelly Brownell)

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
11.22.2016 | The Atlantic

The Atlantic: Black Wealth in the Age of Trump (Sandy Darity)

featuring: William A. Darity
11.07.2016 | Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard: An Interview With the Founder of PolitiFact (Bill Adair)

featuring: Bill Adair
10.28.2016 | BBC

BBC: Election Rigging—Safeguarding the Vote (Judith Kelley)

featuring: Judith Kelley