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06.23.2017 | North Carolina Health News

NC Health News: GOP Senate’s Health Care Bill Would Profoundly Change NC Medicaid

featuring: Donald H. Taylor, Jr.
06.21.2017 | Harvard Public Health Magazine

Harvard Public Health: Obesity - Can we stop the epidemic?

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
06.20.2017 | National Public Radio

NPR: 'Democracy In Chains' Traces The Rise Of American Libertarianism

featuring: Nancy MacLean
06.20.2017 | The New York Times

New York Times: Is North Carolina the Future of American Politics?

featuring: Pope McCorkle III
06.19.2017 | The New York Times

New York Times Magazine: The Scam Economy Is Entering Its Baroque Phase

featuring: Edward J. Balleisen
06.19.2017 | National Public Radio

NPR: Soda Sellers Battle For Hearts And Minds In Philly

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
06.19.2017 | The Atlantic

The Atlantic: How Factory Closures Doom the Next Generation

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
06.19.2017 | Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed: Job Losses Linger

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
06.19.2017 | North Carolina Health News

NC Health News: Passage of Congressional Health Bill Would Eventually Cost NC Jobs

featuring: Donald H. Taylor, Jr.
06.19.2017 | WNYC

WNYC: What Fighting Big Tobacco Can Teach Us About Taxing Sugary Drinks

featuring: Kelly D. Brownell
05.23.2017 | Brookings

Brookings: How Grades Drive Behavior in International Relations

featuring: Judith Kelley