You are required to provide an undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) in the Academic History section of your application.


We require the calculation of your UGPA if you have:

  • Attended a college or university outside of the United States for all or part of your undergraduate degree program (do not include study abroad)
  • Transferred 12 or more credits from another institution toward your bachelors degree
  • Failed a course and it appears on your transcript but is not included in your school’s calculation of GPA.

There are two options for calculating your UGPA:

  1. Utilize the GPA Calculator from Scholaro to create a line-by-line assessment of your UGPA. If you use the GPA Calculator from Scholaro, please copy and paste the full converted results (class, credits/hours, grade, US grade, and GPA) into a word processing or spreadsheet program to create a PDF document for upload.
  2. Purchase a credential evaluation from one of the following vendors and upload the official evaluation results: ScholaroECE, or WES.

If you graduated or will graduate from a US college or university, you should report the cumulative GPA and GPA grade scale that is stated on the degree-conferring transcript.

Below are some important points to remember when calculating your UGPA.

  • It is not necessary to pay for a credential evaluation if you are using the Scholaro GPA Calculator. Therefore, we suggest this method. You will need to cut and paste the converted results into a word processing or spreadsheet program to create a PDF document for upload. Otherwise, the results will be cut off. This may result in a significantly longer processing time.
  • The UGPA should include all undergraduate course work completed at the time of submission of the application.
  • If you attended more than one school, you must include the grades from all undergraduate schools in calculating your UGPA.
  • Do not include courses that were dropped or courses that did not award letter grades (e.g. satisfactory/unsatisfactory, pass/fail, credit only).
  • If you repeated a course or did not pass it (e.g. received an F or E grade), you must include both grades in your UGPA calculation.
  • Do not include graduate-level courses that you have completed unless they counted toward your undergraduate degree requirements. There is a separate place on the application for you to provide your graduate grade point average.
  • If you do not find a grade scale that exactly matches your undergraduate institution’s scale, please use the scale that matches it most closely (e.g., applicants who have attended an Indian university that use a 70-100 point scale may use the United Kingdom scale).
  • You do not need to include study abroad classes.