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Space Diplomacy Lab Webinar: “Space Weather Readiness: Domestic and International Risk Mitigation Strategies"


Dr. Britt Lundgren, Dr. Tamara Dickinson, Dr. Jennifer "Jinni" Meehan, Mr. William Murtagh 

As we approach the peak of the current solar cycle, critical ground and space-based infrastructure face an elevated risk of damage from space weather events. While rare, direct impacts from the Sun's coronal mass ejections are capable of inducing strong currents in the electric grids on Earth and causing widespread power outages. Such events can also damage satellites we rely upon for communications, GPS, weather forecasting, and intelligence. Join us for an expert panel discussion about ongoing domestic and international work aimed at improving our systemic resilience to solar storms. Panelists: Dr. Britt Lundgren, Moderator Department of Physics and Astronomy - University of North Carolina Asheville Associate Fellow, Duke RDP Space Diplomacy Lab Dr. Tamara Dickinson President, Science Matters Consulting Dr. Jennifer "Jinni" Meehan National Space Weather Program Manager, NOAA NWS Executive Secretary, White House SWORM Subcommittee Designated Federal Officer, Space Weather Advisory Group Mr. William (Bill) Murtagh Program Coordinator, NOAA NWS This webinar is being organized by the Duke Rethinking Diplomacy Program with co-sponsorship from the Sanford School of Public Policy in alignment with the Duke Climate Commitment. The Duke Rethinking Diplomacy Program is grateful for the longstanding support of the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation.


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